League of Legends: Arcane Netflix Series Reviewed – Is It Worth Your Time?

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League of Legends, the popular game developed and published by Riot Games, has amassed huge attention from the gaming community since its release in 2009.

The game revolves around the story of the imaginary world of Runeterra and its two most important cities Piltover and Zaun. Piltover painted as mostly good, idealistic and scientifically minded metropolis also known as “the city of progress” on top.

While on the other hand, Zaun, the Evil crime-ridden, uncontrolled technological dystopia which was earlier known as the “Undercity”, is shown as evil.

The City of Progress: Piltover (Source: Netflix)

However, Arcane the series paints a very different picture, showing Piltover as the actual villain and suppressor – held down the undercity for years. As a result, it suppresses leaders into disadvantageous protection deals while giving way too much power to the police, thus widening the gap between the poor and the rich.

At the same time, Zaun is shown as the suppressed, with its people wanting to topple the evil overlords of Piltover.

The Undercity: Zaun (Source: Netflix)

The show follows a handful of characters throughout the city. Things start out with a teenage rebel named Violet A.K.A. Vi and her little sister Powder, leading a small gang heading to the upper reaches of Piltover to steal some expensive-looking gadgets.

The heist, naturally, goes bad and ends with some exploding crystals. The perspective then shifts to the likes of the aforementioned scientists and an underworld kingpin with lots of scars and a big grudge.

Mylo, Violet A.K.A Vi, Claggor, & Powder (From left to Right)

Overall, the story is relatively straightforward and easy to understand, even without any prior knowledge about the game. Arcane isn’t anything new or revolutionary, and it’s a fairly typical fantasy tale done really well. The villains are intimidating; the would-be heroes are messy and very relatable. 

The action is extremely satisfying to watch, but the best thing about Arcane is how stylish it looks, with each frame looking like nothing you have ever seen before relatable to a gorgeous piece of hand-painted concept art in motion.

The series follows a bit unusual release schedule, with nine episodes divided into three chapters/acts, consisting of three episodes each. 

The first act is already available to watch on Netflix, while the second act consisting of three episodes, is scheduled to be released on Saturday 13th, i.e. tomorrow, and the third act on November 20.

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Apart from the series itself, the songs featured in the series are also worth mentioning, including the title song ‘Enemy’ featured in the series intro. The song is produced and performed by Imagine Dragons in collaboration with an upcoming Hip-Hop artist JiD. Another popular song beings’ Playground’ by Pop singer Bea Miller who was featured in the first episode of the series.

The series has come out to be very popular, such that the League Of Legends series has quickly dethroned Squid Game from the top to become Netflix’s most-watched series within three days. 

Since its release on November 6, the series debuting at Number One on Netflix charts in 37 countries, as per reports by IGN. And we totally think that this series is a must-watch and totally binge-worthy while being worth your time.

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