Major Leak Reveals Key Specifications of Intel’s Upcoming 56 Core Server Grade CPU

Intel’s First ‘Sapphire Rapids’ Xeon Processor Might Offer Upto 56 Cores & 112 Threads.
Intel's Upcoming 56 Core Server Grade CPU

Intel’s consumer grade 12th Gen Alder Lake processors have been a success so far, however it looks like Intel might be gearing up to a  launch 56 Core CPU under its 12th Gen ‘Sapphire Rapids’ Xeon lineup of processors whose key specifications have leaked online.

Although there are no official benchmarks available, several screenshots shared by Twitter user YuuKi_AnS give us a sneak peek at the supposed specifications of Intel’s upcoming 56 Core server grade CPU.

intel Sapphire Rapids 56 core

If the leaked images were to be believed Intel’s upcoming server grade ‘Sapphire Rapids’ CPU will be based upon the Intel 7 (previously referred to as 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin) fabrication process along with its Golden Cove architecture to offer up to 56 cores with 112 threads, 112MB of L2 and 105MB of L3 cache, at a PL1 (Power Limit 1) and PL2 (Power Limit 2) TDP of 350W and 420W respectively.

As far as the performance in terms of clock speeds is concerned, a screenshot from HWINFO reveals that the engineering sample of the CPU in question ran at a overall base clock speed of 1.9GHz and a boost clock speed of 3.3GHz. Meanwhile, its single-core boost might reach as high as 3.7 GHz under certain loads.

Sapphire Rapids 56 core HWINFO 1

Leaked specifications aside, the processor was expected to come out in the second quarter of the year, befor it was inadvertently delayed to the third quarter. This makes us believe that Intel’s new CPU could launch later this year, possibly around the same time the company launches the consumer grade 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” series.

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