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YouTube had already introduced its users to the 8K world long back in 2015 when the cameras and TVs were still aloof with this gem. After the latest update to the app for the Android TV, YouTube will now let some of its users relish the 8K quality.

To enable the 8K version in your YouTube app, the TV must need the latest version of the app as well as be running on Android 10, as per the changelog, for that crystalline quality in your TV you crave.

Until now, users were offered 4K quality even if they selected the 8K, yes there was an 8K option mentioned previously. The new update will definitely get rid of this issue, and to some it already has.


According to the first-ever report by the Android police, for the Android Tv 10 and above, the update version  2.12.08 will add 8K support to the YouTube app. While the previous version stated 8K video playback support, the updated version swapped to “Limited 8K support to Android 10 and up,”

Following is the YouTube for Android TV v2.12.08 changelog

  • Improved resolution selection
  • Cast Connect support
  • Fixed incorrect date and time issues
  • Limited 8K support to Android 10 and up
  • Display YouTube Music splash screen
  • Various other platform improvements

The update may not be available for everyone promptly, as the changelog mentions, it will be offering ‘limited’ 8K support. Overall, the update to YouTube may seem a bit over-due, but better late than never.

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