Is Apple’s Latest $1600 Studio Display a Viable Option For Competitive Gaming?

The Short Answer is Yes it Can, But You Might Want to Contain Your Expectations.
Apple Studio Display For Gaming

Apple just wrapped up its Peek Performance event where it revealed a new powerful Mac Studio along with a 27-inch Studio Display. For the unfamiliar, the Studio Display comes with a front-facing camera, speakers, USB Type-C ports, a studio-quality mic array, along with Apple’s A13 Bionic chip. However, the question arises is Apple’s $1600 studio display a viable option for competitive gaming?

First and foremost, we expect that you will obviously be gaming on an Windows PC, as Apple computers have had a track record of not being great for gaming and secondly know that Apple products are not know to behave well with Windows.

That said, before making any bold claims; to answer this question we will have to take a deeper dive and look at both the inherent benifits and disadvantages of Apple’s new Studio Display as a gaming monitor as listed below:

Inherent Advantages

Starting form the inherent Advantages, the Studio Display has many, making it seem good on paper but that doesn’t mean that its any better than a normal gaming monitor as you will see afterwards.

Apple Studio Display
  • High Resolution: The Studio Display supports resolution as high as 5K, which is pretty great for a 27-inch display.
  • High Brightness: The Studio Display is pretty bright with support for up to 600 nits of peak brightness compared to most other gaming monitors that normally max out at around 300-350 nits of peak brightness
  • Colour Correct: Apple has provided the Studio Display with a pretty colour Correct panel that supports DCI-P3 wide colour gamut which offers around 25% more colours than the sRGB colour space found on  normal gaming monitors.
  • Built-in Webcam: Apple has finally added a new 12MP Webcam built right into the monitor something which most most gaming monitors out there lack.
  • Six-Speaker Audio System with Mics: Although, many gaming monitors do offer in-built speaker is will come nowhere near the Dolby Atmos certified Six-Speaker audio system found on the the Studio Display which is further paired with a high quality three mic array.

Inherent Disadvantages

Just like everything has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages the Studio Display has its own set of disadvantages that might be an issue only if you plan on using it for gaming on Windows.

  • Refresh Rate Limited at 60Hz: First and foremost the Studio Display only supports refresh rate up to 60Hz. This is unacceptable at this price point as it is a important feature for smooth stutter free gaming and most even the most basic gaming displays come with support atleast 90Hz of refresh rate.
  • Lack of Control on Windows: Although, there are some temporary workarounds for this issue, you can’t control the brightness or any other configurations for the display without a Mac.
  • Graphical Limitations of your PC: Though the Studio Display offers resolution as high as 5K your Windows PC would not be able to make use of it due to lack of software drivers and even if you could use it, will be an excessive strain on your video capabilities while gaming, with little benefit.
  • Slower Pixel Response Time: While the Studio Display is no slow in any way the display panel found on the Studio Display won’t support high pixel response time that ranges between 1-10ms on a typical gaming monitor.

Final Verdict

Sure, the Studio Display can be used for gaming as long as you’re ready to live with it’s limitations. And although it even offers a bright display with a webcam, excellent audio setup with six speakers while running with Windows we still won’t recommend it for competitive gaming.

Whatsoever, the Apple Studio Display is a pretty great monitor given you are a professional who daily drives MacOS and can live without higher refresh rates in favour of higher resolution, higher brightness and vibrant colours.

Furthermore, there any many cheaper yet more feature packed alternatives to the Studio Display if you’re looking for a gaming monitor or a professional monitor with built-in webcam.

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