Your iPhone Will Soon Be Able to Auto Dial Emergency Services in Case of an Accident


Apple has been known to take care of people’s health with its various features similar to the ‘Fall Detection’ feature found on the Apple Watch. This feature notifies the medical authorities and the user’s family if the user falls in case of a medical emergency such as a seizure or a heart attack.

Apple Watch Fall Detection 1
Fall Detection on The Apple Watch

However, Apple doesn’t want to stop right there and is currently working on a new feature for both Apple Watch and iPhone called ‘Crash Detection’ that will auto-dial the emergency numbers if you ever meet an accident. This crash detection feature will work with the data procured by the gyroscope sensor.

Apple has reportedly been working on this feature for several years and testing it using real-world data. According to documents seen by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), Apple has been collecting data anonymously from iPhone and Watch users. This has allowed Apple to detect more than 10 million suspected vehicle impacts, with more than 50,000 of those accompanied by a call to 911.

This is not a first-of-its-kind exclusive feature as this feature is already available on Google Pixel devices starting from Pixel 3 and above, with the help of its Personal Safety app.

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Other than smartphones, many cars are already providing a similar feature as we have seen with GM’s OnStar, which has successfully reported over 6,000 car accidents over the past year.

We still don’t know when this feature will be making its debut; however, we can expect to see this new feature at the next Apple event if everything goes as planned.

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