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iPhone 13 Dummies Shows New Diagonal Dual-Lens Camera.

iPhone 13 can have a new diagonal dual-lens camera.

More dummy models of the upcoming iPhone 13 have been shared online, by leaker DuanRui. This indicates the new diagonal arrangement of the dual camera on the standard size iPhone 13 and the slightly smaller notch on the iPhone 13.

This year, Apple should make several significant improvements to the iPhone 13’s camera. The new “Pro” models are likely to feature an upgraded Ultra-Wide camera lens with a wider f/1.8 aperture, a six-element lens, and autofocus, with some rumours suggesting that the Ultra Wide upgrade could come to all four iPhone 13 models.

The stabilization of the sensor shift should be extended to the entire iPhone series. Due to which we can expect improvements in low light performance and stabilization by reducing camera shake, with the feature rumoured to be available for the Wide lens and the Ultra Wide lens of the Pro models. There is a rumour that the new iPhone models will also be able to take videos in portrait mode.

iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Concept

Moreover, there are also claims that iPhone 13 models will have Astrophotography camera capabilities to capture the sky. This could imply a special mode that activates when the iPhone is pointed to the sky, allowing the device to detect the moon, stars and other artefacts and adjust the exposure.

If the rumours are correct, all these enhancements are likely to require a slightly larger camera bump. Although single lenses may protrude less from the body of the device, according to a source.

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Apple’s iPhone 13 line-up is set to be unveiled in fall 2021. With the company’s objective to go back to its traditional September launch period after last year’s launch later than usual iPhone 12.

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