IoT enabled smart trolleys for the first time in India at Hyderabad International Airport

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With the help of The Digital India Programme of the Government of India, Hyderabad International Airport introduced IoT enabled smart baggage trolleys, becoming India’s first Airport to make use of IoT for tracking and maintaining the availability of baggage trolleys for the passengers across the airport.

Under the smart Baggage Trolley Project, a total of 3000 baggage trolleys are made available for the passengers enabled with IoT technology.

The system has such an in-built feature which shows an alert message when the trolley moves out of “no airport zone” area.

Changi Airport baggage trol

After the successful marquee projects like domestic and international E-boarding and Face Recognition trials, we are revolutionizing the way baggage trolleys are managed with the adoption of IoT as a smart and intelligent solution to help enhance passenger experience and also enable smooth operations and inventory management,” SGK Kishore, ED-South & Chief Innovation Officer, GMR Airports said.

The management has the capability to plan the baggage trolleys with the help of predictive analyses of estimated departure and arrival of passenger loads. This is really a great step towards the development of the country and if we continue to do the same progress, in no time India will be at a great position in the world of technology. India is taking slow but steady steps in the right direction, this is another example of how technology can make lives easy for both people and the government as well.

What is IoT and how does it work :

The term IoT (Internet of Things) is mainly used for devices that wouldn’t generally have internet connection and would be able to communicate over a network without any human interaction. They can do this by inserting a chip which helps them to analyze the data obtained. In our case, the trolley is treated as an object.


All the companies have started using IoT, as this is going to be the near future. For example, this is behind IKEA’s “smart homes” concept. Comment down below if you are also interested in IoT and want to know what more wonders it can do.

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