iOS users can now move their chat history from WhatsApp to telegram; How to export WhatsApp chats to Telegram

WhatsApp chat to telegram
WhatsApp chat to telegram


  • Users can now transfer their WhatsApp history to Telegram
  • This feature is iOS exclusive for now
  • Android feature will be available soon

The user migration from WhatsApp courtesy of its latest improvements to the privacy policy has been a boost for alternative messaging applications such as Telegram. Telegram also allows leaving WhatsApp users to switch their chat history over to its app to further enhance its popularity. This may be the one feature that will tip the Facebook-owned site over WhatsApp users who are always on the fence about leaving.


The new message history import tool was launched by Telegram yesterday on its iOS app. It came bundled with the app’s version 7.4. The version’s update notes read as follows:

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Telegram soon released another version 7.4.1 update that removed the migration tool’s name. You’ll still be willing, however, to import chats from WhatsApp.

How to export WhatsApp chats to Telegram

You will need the current versions of both apps to move your WhatsApp chat history to Telegram. If you have that, you can follow the below steps to import your chats to Telegram from WhatsApp.

Notice that there is no way to import conversations by batch. You’ll have to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram via individual chats. That said, here are the measures that are going to help you do that. 

  • Open WhatsApp and tap the chat you would like to export to 
  • Head to the Contact Info menu and choose ‘Chat Export’ 
  • Now you’ll see “Attach Media” or “Without Media” options. 
  • Choose your desired choice 
  • Now, from the Sharing menu, choose Telegram and pick the contact you want to delegate the imported chat to 
  • Now you can see a prompt for important messages. Choose ‘Import’
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