Intel Teases Its First Arc Alchemist Desktop GPU Which Will be Shipping This Summer

Intel’s First Desktop GPU Will Offer Perfomance Parallel to or Slightly Higher Than Nvidia’s GTX 1660Ti.
Intel ARC

Intel just announced its Arc Alchemist A-Series of discrete GPUs for laptops which single handedly doubles the performance delivered by its previous Xe integrated GPU. But to our surprise, Intel also gave us a first look at its upcoming Arc Alchemist GPU for desktop that will be arriving sometime this summer.

As per the teaser video, the new Intel Arc Alchemist discrete graphics card comes with a black-coloured dual-fan cooling system along with a white LED illuminated ‘Intel Arc’ branding. Meanwhile, a glimpse of the I/O bracket reveales that the card uses three DisplayPort connectors and one HDMi connector, which Intel had confirmed earlier to be DisplayPort 1.4a and HDMI 2.0b standard compliant.

Even though, apart from its design, Intel isn’t offering too many details about its new GPU, the tech nerds at oyprice were quick enough to notice that the graphics card doesn’t appear to have any visible PCIe power connector, presumably because Intel had chosen to omit it from its teaser deliberately.

However, according to earlier leaks it is speculated to use an 8 Pin PCIe power connector that is rated to supply up to 150W of power. This means that if we were to compare Intel’s upcoming GPU with Nvidia’s recent GPUs, then Intel’s Arc Alchemist would lie somewhere between Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti and RTX 2060 which both have a TDP of 120W and 160W respectively.

Besides that the teased card also seems to feature a fully specked out ACM-G10 GPU die with 32 Xe Graphical cores and 16GB of GDDR6 VRAM in an 8 x 2GB configuration as shown in the screenshots above.

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