Intel Alder Lake-X CPU with 56 Cores Tipped to Launch in the Coming Months

Intel is Reportedly Working on a Workstation CPU That Will Offer Upto 56 CPU Cores
Intel Alder Lake-X

The HEDT (High-End Desktop) market has mostly been under the hold of AMD’s Threadripper lineup of processors that were launched with its Zen family back in late 2017. However, recent leaks suggest that Intel might be working on its Alder Lake-X (Twelfth Gen) lineup of workstation/enthusiast based processors that could give AMD’s offering a run for its money.

The processor in question was first referenced in a release note relating to the beta update of a popular PC benchmarking and analysis application AIDA64 Extreme, which states that the new beta update brings “preliminary support for Intel Alder Lake-X CPU”.

Intel Alder Lake X Refrence

Meanwhile, this finding can be further validated as this is in line with a previous roadmap that showed that Intel will be returning to the enthusiast/HEDT field in the second half of 2022.

If the rumour regarding Intel’s re-entry into the High-End Desktop turns out to be true it will be Intel’s first proper response to AMD’s Threadripper in two years and will be a major departure from the 18-core monolithic Core i9 based Cascade Lake-X (Tenth Gen) processor which was nowhere near the performance and power offered by of AMD’s Threadripper.

That said, we can expect to hear more about Intel’s High-End Desktop processor most probably at the annual Taiwanese computer expo—Computex 2022, which will be held from May 24 to May 27 this year.

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