Instagram Ups the Story Game for Desktops

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Instagram is one of the most-used applications today and almost everyone uses the social media platform to connect and socialize with their friends and family. But with many new similar social media applications coming up, it has become important for Instagram to keep rolling out updates in order to keep its users engaged and entertained.

Though most Instagram updates are rolled out in the application itself, Instagram is also trying to elevate its desktop interface. There used to be a time when the Instagram desktop featured only the posts from your followers. Then gradually stories were rolled onto the desktop interface and then finally the direct messages. With these constant efforts, Instagram is trying to give it’s desktop application a very user-friendly interface.

Now, Instagram has come up with another little add-on to make its stories interface even smoother on Instagram desktop. This change was added during a small interface refresh today itself. With this update, you can now view Instagram Stories as a sort of carousel of videos and photos. You will get previews of the next stories and previous stories on each side of the current story. With the help of this feature, you can easily select the story that you wish to view. The Verge described it as “sort of like if the tiny circles at the top of users’ feeds went bigger and full-screen.”

For years now, Instagram has been known to not pay much attention to its desktop features especially among Stories. The Instagram desktop was always considered to be of the same format, with the posts being ephemeral. But now it seems to many people like the constant updates and newly added features are efforts to make Instagram desktop user-friendly. With the onset of the pandemic, a lot of users are now using their PCs and laptops to work from home and tend to browse Instagram through the same.

Lately, most of Instagram’s updates and changes to its format come in the sort of creative tools, talking about the stickers for small businesses and new fonts. Currently, Instagram is firmly concentrating on its TikTok like feature, Reels. While on the other hand, Stories are receiving only small updates to keep up the freshness.

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