Instagram Will Soon Allow Users to Support Creators Through Paid Subscriptions


Supporting digital creators in monetary measures has been rising in popularity of late. Leaks suggest that Instagram will soon allow users to support their favourite creators by subscribing to exclusive content. This does not come as a surprise as we have already seen Twitter allowing users to tip through bitcoin.

According to data from TechCrunch, the recently updated app of Instagram for iOS has been added with In-App Purchases ranging from USD 0.99 to USD 4.99. Have a look at the image below to know more.

In-App purchases in the instagram app
Credit: TechCrunch

Instagram has constantly been working on improving its platform for the masses and monetizing its creators. Usually, creators on Instagram earn through brand collaborations, advertisements, etc. But with the introduction of Subscription/membership-based content being made available on the platform, it appeals to other users too to start creating/posting content on the platform.

Instagram usually tests a feature before releasing it as a public build. We have seen this happening with sticker links. However, there is no talk about this feature being tested, which does make sense as test paid subscriptions would put the company in a weird spot.

Alessandro Paluzzi, known for credible applications leaks, did a post about exclusive stories for fan clubs. This further strengthens the claims that subscription services will soon be available on Instagram.

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YouTubeTwitch, etc, can be considered the platforms that pay its creators for the views they get. Even though the money earned through these video-sharing platforms might not be high, it indeed is better than other social media platforms.

This feature can be expected to launch anytime soon, which will help creators in monetary measures. 

What are your thoughts on Subscribing to creators/celebrities/users you follow on social media platforms? Let us know in the comments below, and until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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