Indian Government Warns Against Pre-Ordering Starlink Broadband Until it Obtains a Valid Licence


In the latest crackdown on Elon Musk’s satellite internet company Starlink, the Indian government advises people against pre-ordering the service as the company lacks a valid licence to operate in the India.

As per the following tweet made by the India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT), “Public is advised not to subscribe to Starlink services being advertised,”

While the tweet even addresses Starlink and asks the company to comply with the governments regulations and refrain from “booking/rendering the satellite internet services in India.” 

This crackdown comes after many other small Indian companies have also been reportedly in the work of launching their own satellite internet service. Something that we have seen earlier with Airtel wanting to work with the British telecom giant OneWeb to launch India’s first satellite internet.

While this is not the first time this is happening as Starlink has already faced scrutiny from the Indian government back in April, when the DoT along with the Broadband India Forum (BIF), began examining whether Starlink’s beta rollout program broke any of India’s telecom laws.

We still don’t know what will happen to the over 5,000 preorders that have already been placed in the country since Starlink officially registered its business in India on November 1st.

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Nevertheless, all we could do for now is wait and watch, if the existing preorders will be cancelled indefinitely or if customers will just have to wait a little longer until Starlink sorts out all the issues with the local jurisdiction.

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