Images Of Apple’s New External Magsafe Pack Shows Up

Images Of Apple's New External Magsafe Pack Shows Up
Delivery for External Magsafe Pack expected in this week.

Apple’s first-ever power bank the “External Magsafe Pack” will begin shipping to consumers across the globe this week. The “External Magsafe Pack” is an accessory that will charge up apple devices mainly the iPhone using wireless charging technology.

Yesterday, a lucky customer, Steven Russell from Memphis, Tennessee, managed to pick up the MagSafe Battery Pack from a local Apple Store over the weekend. Later, he published photographs on his Reddit that provided a closer look at its design and thickness.

When looking at the “External Battery Pack” in detail it appears to be made up of hard yet smooth plastic and has a very strong magnetic connection to Russell iPhone 12 Pro, even with Apple’s silicone MagSafe case on the device. Below the image shared on Reddit, he shared his early thoughts on the power bank.

“External Battery Pack” Price and Availability

External Battery Pack
External Battery Pack

The “External MagSafe battery” costs 10900 INR in India. To charge the external battery yourself, you’ll need a USB-C cable and a sufficient power supply unit.

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Currently, the product is only available in white and in one size. Unfortunately, Apple does not give particular capacity information for the external MagSafe battery. If you order now, you will receive the accessories between July 22nd and July 26th.

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