Huawei Mate 40 pro

huawei mate 40 pro

Unearthly Beauty

Like other autumns, autumn 2020 is no different for Huawei to add the latest mate to its mate series of flagship phones and this time, it is the hypnotizing Huawei Mate 40 pro. From the groovy display to the sensational camera quality, it is undoubtedly a flagship in a true sense. But what is that one thing that still goes on missing? Let’s find out.


Let’s start with its bodacious design which is impossible to pass over, Mate 40 pro from the back has an ethereal silver finish made from a combination of frosted glasses which actually shows the spectrum colors if you move it in different angles. It has a very unique circular design on the back in which cameras are protruded making it look like a donut or a flying saucer. Because of Huawei’s ‘horizon display’ tech, this one doesn’t have any sort of sharp edges making the screen wrap around the edges which in turn means that the volume and the lock button are shifted to further down.

It has 6.76-inch flexible OLED panel, 1344 x 2772 pixel dense resolution with a waterfall display design and a dual hole punch cut-out on the top left for the front camera. It is pretty chunky and heavy.

Huawei Mate 40 pro is the first phone ever in the world to be powered by the new Kirik 9000 chip which is also the first chip that is 5nm and supports 5G and that is not it, it has 8GB RAM and 256GB storage with a 90 Hz refresh rate making it simply fast or must I say Quicksilver.

It has pretty basic battery of 4,400mAh with 66W SuperCharge tech (fast charging) and 50W wireless charger which is enough for the most.

Now, Huawei has delivered us with one of the best quality camera phones and Mate 40 is no different in that regard. It is advanced with 0MP RYYB 1/1.28-inch sensor primary camera – f/1.9, 12MP telephoto 5X zoom periscope camera, 20MP f/1.8 – 18mm ultra wide and also 4K video at 60 frames per second. 


Now let’s discuss the elephant in the room, like any other recent Huawei phones, this too does not support Google services such as Google play store, Google maps, Google alerts etc. and hence relies on Huawei’s App Gallery to provide apps to users.

Overall, with a sharp and fluid display, fantabulous camera quality, Fast wireless and wired charging and of course the powerful processor, Huawei undoubtedly convinces us that they make one of the best futuristic hardware in the world.

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