How To View Dislike Count on Youtube [Quick Fix]

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Last month YouTube decided to get rid of the dislike count on its platform. And it turned out to be a very controversial decision. YouTube was prepared for the backlash, so the dislike count is still hidden even with people unhappy with the decision. But do not fret, just not yet, because we have a chrome extension that will get it all set.

The solution is simple. All you need to do is add the “Return YouTube Dislike” extension to your browser. Adding this extension comes with perks like,

  • Returns ability to see dislikes.
  • Returns ability to see dislike statistics and rating bar.
  • Shows the actual number of likes and dislikes over the rating bar.
YouTube dislike count hidden
Without the extension.
YouTube Dislike count visible with the help of Return YouTube Dislike extension
With the extension.

Adding extensions also come with worries about privacy. But the developer of this extension assures that “The data is not being sold to third parties outside of the approved use cases.” So, you need not worry about your data getting stolen.

Now, for those wondering, if YouTube is hiding the dislike button, why not remove it once and for all? The simple answer is, while the dislike count is not visible to a viewer, the content owner can view the dislike count from YouTube Studio. Another reason is also that the likes and dislikes on a video help the YouTube algorithm.

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Many users are not happy with YouTube’s decision, and it is understandable. The ratings on a video indicate how accurate the video is with its title if it is of help or is just a waste of time. These reasons make sense and justify the outrage.

However, with all being said and done, it does not seem like the dislike count will be officially visible anytime soon or at all. So, add this extension to your browser, and you get to see the dislike count of videos.

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