How to Find Old Tweets Using Twitter’s Advance Search Feature? In-Depth Guide

A Step By Step Guide on How to Find Tweets Using Twitter’s Advance Search Feature.
Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter is no doubt a great social media platform. But with over 500 million tweets posted per day from millions of Twitter profiles, its often very difficult to find someones older tweets using the Twitter’s regular search feature.

That said, here’s a in-depth guide on how to use Twitter’s very useful yet little-known Advanced Search feature that allows you to easily find specific tweets according to specific date ranges, people and more.

Twitter’s Advanced search is available when you’re logged in to and can be access directly by heading to Additionally, you can also enter your query into the search bar on Twitter’s home page and then click Advanced Search located under the search filters section on the upper-right of your results page.

Twitter advanced search

Meanwhile, if you want to access Twitter advanced search on your phone you can do so by visiting on your phone’s web browser as you can’t directly access the advanced Twitter search tool within Twitter’s mobile app.

Once you have access to the Twitter Advance search using one of the ways listed above you will be greeted with a page that might look a little overwhelming at first as there are quite a few fields to consider, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you find your way around without wasting any time.

Twitter advanced search

Searching for Specific Words or Phrases

  • All of these words: If you enter more than one word in this field, tweets containing those words will be displayed in a random order. Additionally, you can also search for one or more phrases separated by quotation marks. Example: Example: “elon musk” or “tesla”.
  • This exact phrase: This field is particularly useful if you want to search for particular names or quotes.
  • Any of these words: This field is great for searching tweets containing multiple words. For example, you could use “Tesla,” “@Tesla,” and “#Tesla” to search for all things Tesla-related.
  • None of these words: All the words you put in here will exclude tweets that contain the specified words or phrases.
  • These hashtags: This one helps you research tweets that use specific hashtags, for example, #Tesla.
  • Written in: This option allows you to find tweets posted in any of Twitter’s 34 supported languages.

Searching for People or Accounts

  • From these accounts: This one will only show you tweets from the specific accounts you choose. ( example: tweeted by “@Tesla”).
  • To these accounts: These are tweets sent as replies to a specific account (example: in reply to “@Tesla”).
  • Mentioning these accounts: Enter an account name in this field to see any tweets that mention a specific account (example: tweets that include “@Tesla”).

Searching by Location

  • Near this place: You can see tweets sent while a person was in a particular area.

Searching According to Date

  • From this date to this date: An incredibly easy way to search for tweets is to search according to a specific date range. For example, you could find out what Twitter users were saying during a certain event or when certain topics were trending during a specific time period.

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