How to use the Note to Self feature on WhatsApp and remember important texts

Note to Self on WhatsApp
Note to Self on WhatsApp

We can relate to the situation when we actually try to mug up the grocery list, and still, somehow manage to forget the salt and pepper! A better way to remember and carry the list with you is to WhatsApp your Crush because you are eventually blocked!

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Wait, what? Probably this isn’t such a great idea though. 

This is when you realize that WhatsApp still misses the ‘Note to self’ feature. This feature allows the users to note important texts, such as shopping lists, messages for someone, maybe a love letter. Basically everything you would want to pen down. 

However, with Note to Self, the user can text himself. This feature not only makes it easy for you to take notes but makes it convenient to sync the important text across devices registered with the same number. The WhatsApp chat and the data get backed up alongside. Well, this feature is already available in other apps such as Telegram and Signal. 

Surely you don’t want to install an extra app just to take notes. So, here is how you can enjoy ‘Note to Self’ on Whatsapp:

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Step 1: Open browser (any) on your PC or smartphone. 

Step 2: Type followed by your country code and the number registered with WhatsApp. For example,******98

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Step 3: You will be redirected to another webpage. Select ‘Continue to Chat’.

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*Note: If you are doing it on a desktop, you’ll first have to log in using WhatsApp Web. 

Step 4: Start chatting with yourself!

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Share documents, videos, or photos, just like a regular chat.

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