How to Turn Your Galaxy Z Fold3 Into a Galaxy Z Fold2

How To Turn Galaxy Z Fold3 to Galaxy Z Fold2, DIY Ideas
Give your Fold3 its original look.

With the launch of Galaxy Z Fold3, Samsung has set a new benchmark in the foldable smartphone industry. The Fold3 not only features a futuristic but also a compact form factor as well. Apart from having all of these features, the phone also stands out due to its UDC (Under Display Camera).

When compared to its predecessor, the Fold3 has a very unique feature. This feature is its under-display camera. The Fold3 is one of the first phones to have this feature. However, the screen above the camera is slightly dull and not everyone likes it. Did you know there’s a way you can turn off this feature?

How To Turn Galaxy Z Fold3 To Fold2

Galaxy Z Fold3
Taddaa!!Your Fold3 now looks like Fold2.

To get started, all you need is a sharp medical blade and cello tape Make a cutout around the camera area with the surgical blade. After doing that, use cello tape to connect the rest of the screen to the smartphone, converting your Galaxy Z Fold3 to a Fold2.

How To Turn Galaxy Z Fold3 to Galaxy Z Fold2 DIY Ideas

LOL! We’re Just joking. do not do cut your camera off. let us tell you the intended way to do it.

For those who don’t like the new under-display camera, Samsung allows them to turn off the pixels above it, making it look like a punch-hole display. To turn it off, head over to Developer Options > Display Cutout Simulation > Punchhole Cutout.

Here’s also a video that you can watch for more help.

Congrats! You have successfully converted your ZFold3 into ZFold2! Well, at least the front of it.

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