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How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

Inbuilt as well as Third-party options available

Taking a screenshot with your iPhone is probably second nature, but what about capturing something on a website, PDF, email, note, or sewing together several screenshots? Continue reading to learn how to take a scrolling screenshot on an iPhone.

Taking a scrolling screenshot on an iPhone used to include the use of a third-party app. However, with iOS now, you can do so natively with webpages, PDFs, the Notes app, emails, and other Apple first-party applications. We’ll also look at how to do this with content in third-party applications later on.

How to Take a Scrolling iPhone Screenshot

Taking a scrolling screenshot or “Full Page” screenshot in Apple’s apps generates a PDF of anything on a paper, website, notice, or email.

  1. Create a screenshot (press the side or top button and volume up button at the same time)
  2. Before it vanishes, tap the preview in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select the Full Page choice in the upper right corner.
  4. Until saving, you can preview all of the pages, use markup, and do other things.
  5. You may also use the crop icon (the square-ish icon next to “Done”) to choose which portion of the Full Page to save.
  6. To save, tap Done in the upper-left corner, or the sharing button in the upper-right corner.

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The following screenshots show how the procedure appears :

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone Step by Step
How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone Step by Step

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Third-party iPhone Applications for Scrolling Screenshots

Using an app like Picsew or Tailor to take scrolling screenshots of content within third-party apps or for more manual control is another choice

Picsew has a higher average ranking, but both are designed for iPhone 12 and older iPhones. Both can be tried out for free before purchasing the full versions via in-app purchase.

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