How to Switch Off iPhone 11? Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to switch off iPhone 11 but don’t know how to do it then don’t worry. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to switch off iPhone 11.
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iPhone’s are among the most advanced smartphones in the market. The iPhone 11 is the 13th generation iPhone succeeding the iPhone XR. Powering down a phone is easy and self-explanatory, but there are different ways to do it, depending on the model iPhone and the version of iOS it’s running on. Here’s how to power off any iPhone.

How to switch off iPhone 11 ?

There are two ways to switch off your iPhone 11 one with the help of buttons and the second one is without the buttons. In this article we will talk about both the ways and learn how to switch off iPhone 11.

Turn of iPhone 11 with buttons:

how to switch off iphone 11
  • Press down the volume button and the side button. 
  •  “Slide to Power Off” will appear.
  • Use the slider to switch off your phone.
  • Done ! Your iPhone is switched off now.

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Turning of iPhone 11 without buttons:

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  • Click on General.
  • In the general press on shut down. 
  • Now use the slider.
  • And its Done! You have successfully switched off your iPhone 11. 

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