How to stop Google from collecting your data?

Stop Google from collecting your information
Stop Google from collecting your information

We love Google. To be honest, it is one of the best search engines created. Whether we talk about the interface or the ease of use. Well, Google is something more than just a search engine, it is a complete package of convenience right at our fingertips. We can see that convenience in terms of personalized ads when you want to buy a smartwatch on Amazon, Flipkart or anywhere else. It also gives you suggestions based on your choice of the cafe. If we’d have to put all these bits in simpler terms, we can say that Google knows everything about you! 

Technology being intelligent is good for us, but what would happen if it starts tracking you down just like a spy, sharing information with a third-party? You can’t be too sure about how Google is storing what piece of your personal information. However, these links might help you to know what Google knows about you.

What Google thinks about you

Serving relevant ads is one of the greatest features of Google, but is it a boon or a bane for the users? It truly depends upon you! Google actually collects some significant information about you and creates a profile. As a user, you can review and control the information that Google has using:

IMG 20210321 003537
Ad Personalisation

What Google knows about the clicks  

There is another useful tool called Google Analytics that tells the publishers of a website about what pages you have seen on their website, how long did you stay on the page, how many times you clicked through it and so on. If you are not comfortable with providing such kind of data, pause it right away by visiting:

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Google Analytics Opt-out

What did you search on Google 

Google loves to save information about every single search that you have made on it. Along with that it also stores details about how many ads you have clicked since the day you were born. Check out the Google Search History in the logs of Google web.

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My Google Activity

How Google has an entire location history 

If you are an Android user, then your phone may be sending your location directly to the Google database. See the entire Location History via:

IMG 20210321 004901
Location History

Google’s monthly security and privacy report

Google also offers an activity page containing information about what Google services do you use. To gain insights on this, Google also sends a monthly report to you via email.

IMG 20210321 005229
Google Dashboard

Also read: Google announced that it will phase out user-tracking cookies to meet data privacy standards 

See what apps and extensions are extracting Google data

The Activity Page also lets you see what other information the apps and extensions have been accessing. You can see the exact types of permissions granted to these apps and revoke them on the spot:

IMG 20210321 005942
Other apps with data access

Export your data 

You can also extract all the data such as emails, bookmarks, contacts, profile info, drive files, youtube videos, photos and much more:

IMG 20210321 010520
Google Takeout

What you search on YouTube 

Google also has access to your YouTube searches. Find it all in one place by visiting:

IMG 20210321 010913
YouTube History

Your data is sensitive, and protecting it extensively is important. You don’t know when and where your little information may impact the overall web experience. So, keep your data safe!

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