How to Setup Individual Profile Lock in Your Netflix Account? Step-By-Step Guide

Dissuade Intruders From Intruding Your Netflix Recommendations & Privacy

If you are a Netflix user, then you would know that users can create up to five separate user profiles within a single Netflix account. This helps maintain the individuality and personalised recommendations of a profile by allowing it to suggest more content depending on the user’s taste. However, it’s very easy for any user to intrude into your account and potentially ruin your personalised recommendations.

In order to stop this Netflix introduced a new feature which allows users to lock their Netfilx profiles and Dissuade Intruders From entering their user profiles. That said, here’s a step-by-step guide that explains how you too can use it on your own user profile.

Step 1: Accessing Profile & Parental Controls

  • First and foremost go to with a web browser (account settings can’t be changed from the Netflix app on your TV)
  • Now click on your profile photo at the upper right corner, and choose “Account”
Netflix Profile Lock
  • On the Netflix Accounts page scroll down until you find your user profile listed under the “Profile & Parental Controls” section
  • Upon finding your profile click on the tiny drop down arrow that reveals Profile Mail, language, restrictions and the Profile Lock settings
Netflix Profile Lock 8

Step 2: Setting Up The Profile Lock

  • Under Profile Lock setup click on Change as shown in image attached above
  • To verify your identity, Netflix will ask for your password.
Netflix Profile Lock 2
  • Now you’ll see a screen where you can click the “Require a PIN to access Ayush’s profile” checkbox and enter your desired PIN.
  • If you’re a account administrator then you can also access a check box that asks for your PIN whenever someone attempts to add a new user profile to your account
Netflix Profile Lock 3

That’S pretty much it, and besides dissuading potential intruders, the Netflix profile lock also comes in handy when you want to prevent young viewers with their separate kids profile from finding their way into your personal user profile where mature content is accessible.

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