How to See Instagram DMs Without Being “Seen”

How to check DMs on Instagram without being “seen”
How to check DMs on Instagram without being “seen”

Plenty of us communicate with people who aren’t our friends on Instagram, and you may want to search a post that they sent but that hasn’t been “seen” yet. When you check any DM on Instagram, it is immediately marked as “seen” for both you and the sender. WhatsApp allows you to disable read receipts (the blue ticks), but Instagram does not.

Whether or not you follow the user, if you see a message sent by them, it will be marked as “read,” and the person on the other end will be notified. So, for whatever reason you didn’t want to be “seen” after reading that post, whether you don’t have time or desire to continue the conversation, or you really don’t want to speak, it makes the situation uncomfortable.

However, there are two ways to search DMs on Instagram without having them marked as “seen.” The first is a temporary solution, while the second is more permanent. You can choose which one to use depending on why you don’t want to be “seen” reading the DMs.

The short-term solution for reading direct messages without letting the sender know

  • Open your Instagram app and navigate to your Direct Messages. This will import all of your new DMs.
  • Now, open your smartphone’s control panel and disable both WiFi and mobile data.
  • Return to your DMs and ensure that your mobile data and WiFi are still turned off.
  • If you check the DMs right now, you won’t see the “seen” report because your internet is down.
  • As soon as you reconnect to the internet and open the app, the “seen” report will appear on the message, so keep in mind that this solution is only temporary.

The more long-term solution to reading direct messages without being “seen”

You’ll need to put in some effort for this.

  • If you see a DM from someone you don’t want to be “seen” by but still want to read the message, don’t click on it.
  • Navigate to the profile of the individual in question. Then you must restrict this person. Select “Restrict” from the three dots on the top right of the profile page.
  • Restricting the account prevents you from having unwanted conversations with the person without the need to unfollow or block them. You will also be able to choose whether or not the comments made by these restricted people on your posts are visible to everyone. In addition, their message will be moved to the “Message Requests” folder, where they will be unable to see whether or not you have read it. As a result, you cannot be “seen.”
  • You must decide whether or not to restrict an account because you will not receive updates when they message you again. You will have to manually check your “Message Request” folder to find out.

So, decide how long you want to be “unseen” and why you want to be “unseen,” and then make your choice.

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