How to scan a document in iPhone Notes

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Now and again, you need to transform a piece of the document into a digital file. Like incorporating a receipt, or uploading a legal document as proof for an online form. Or on the other hand, you need to keep duplicates of your significant documents in the cloud, so they’re generally available and protected from being lost or destroyed. Such documents are frequently digitized as Portable Document Format records or PDFs.

Before we need to download a third-party app or either use dedicated hardware to convert our file into PDF. But with the release of iOS 11, it has added a helpful document scanner into the Notes application, and it does a shockingly great job of catching most documents and changing them over to PDF. As it is not provided as an individual app, you might even don’t know that your iPhone provides this feature. Here’s how you can scan, convert, and store documents with Notes.

1. Open NOTES, Then select a note or create a new one.

2. Click on the camera button on the screen

WhatsApp Image 2021 03 11 at 2.50.19 PM 1

3. Click on “Scan Documents

WhatsApp Image 2021 03 11 at 2.50.22 PM

4. Now the document you want to scan should be in front of your back camera, Click on the shutter button or one of the Volume buttons. Now adjust the scan the way you want it.

5. Tap on Save if you are done or click the other document you want to add in the folder.

WhatsApp Image 2021 03 11 at 2.50.20 PM 1

6. Further you can share the PDF on other social platform or save in the notes. Notes by default name the folder by the first initial of the scan of the.

WhatsApp Image 2021 03 11 at 2.50.22 PM 1
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