How to rescue data from a wiped iPhone or iPad

how to recover wiped data from iphone
how to recover wiped data from iphone

If you can’t locate a backup, you’re unlikely to be able to recover data after it’s been lost.

When an iOS device is completely wiped and reset without access to a backup, the data is immediately encrypted, and wiping the device removes the encryption key, making it almost impossible to recover anything.

You might try chatting with someone at an Apple Genius Bar in an emergency, but it’s a long shot, to say the least. (Note that this only applies to a complete erase/reset; in other cases, such as data manipulation or a malfunctioning system, the experts may be able to assist.) This also supports our recommendation to back up the data regularly.

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Did you forget to back up your iPhone before you wiped it?

If you’re concerned that your iPhone or iPad hasn’t been backed up, don’t worry: there’s a fair chance you’re missing out on a backup.

Go to Settings > iCloud and tap on Storage to see if you’re backed up to iCloud (you get 5GB of free storage). Wait a few moments for Manage Storage to appear, then press it. You’ll find all of your backups for your iOS devices here (there might even be one for an old iPhone that you could delete if you need more space).

This iPhone or This iPad should be written on one of the backups. You can see what is and isn’t being backed up by tapping on that. You can either switch stuff on and off to avoid using up all of your 5GB or pay a few rupees a month for more room.

You may think that some of those apps don’t need to be backed up because you already own them and can download them from the App Store. However, keep in mind that the data could contain game saves and other settings and preferences you don’t want to lose.

Go to Settings and tap your ID card at the top of the main screen (it will have your name and/or an image of your face) to see when your iPhone was last backed up. Now go to iCloud > iCloud Backup and look at the last backup’s date and time. It would have happened the last time you charged your iPhone and had access to Wi-Fi. It happens on its own.

We suggest that you start using this approach if you haven’t already. Set iCloud Backup to on in Settings > [your ID card] > iCloud > iCloud Backup (the green toggle). This is the easiest method of backup, and it ensures that you can retrieve your phone’s data no matter where you are – all you need is a web link.

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