How to remove password from PDF in Android, iOS, and many more


PDF files often arrive with password protection which we all receive either as a bank statement or a bill. The whole idea of it is to provide safety by keeping the sensitive and salient information secure. Although it is safe for us, the idea ends up creating a bother to the most. We constantly need to type the pin each time to access the information or to pass it to someone else.

Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered here! We have wrestled our way to provide some kind of workaround in order to solve this issue so that you no longer have to repeatedly type the password to access the document.

Before we tell you the methods, keep in mind that to make the hacks work, you need to authorize them at least once. This verifies that the information isn’t being accessed by someone with harmful intent. Therefore, before following, ensure if you are available with a correct password or not.

How to remove password from PDF files in Android, iOS, Google Chrome, and Mac?


-> First and foremost, save the PDF file on your Android device with the support of the easily installable apps from the Google Play Store.

-> You can use the PDF Utilities app for Android devices.

-> Once you install the app, download you PDF and open it in the app.

-> Enter the password for one and the only time, and open the file from the location originally saved to access it without any sort of password.


> You can use the PDF Expert app for the iOS devices.

> One thing that has to be specified for this app is that it requires you to take a subscription to perform the task. But, it also comes with a free trial pack where you can utilize the chance to save all the PDF files to view them without a password.

Google Chrome

> Download and open the PDF file in Google Chrome Gmail or any other platform.

> As soon as you open it, authorize by entering the password.

-> Once the file has been unlocked, select the ‘Print’ option on the top right corner or just press  ‘CTRL+P’

> Now select your destination where you want to save your file as ‘Save as PDF’ and just save it so that the document can now be saved in PDF format in the device.

-> Your work has been done.


> Just like anywhere else, download the PDF file first.

> Go to Finder and search for the file and just preview it.

> Enter the password for the first time to access the information.

> As soon as the file opens, head to the ‘File’ option and click on the ‘Export as PDF’ and just save the PDF on the device in the PDF format.

-> Yet again, you have the PDF file without any sort of pin or password saved on your device.

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