How to Play Games Without Graphics Card?

In this article we will talk about how to play games without graphics card. This means that you will be able to play big and intensive games without dedicated graphics card.
how to play games without graphics card

Since a very long time, the graphics card has been a prerequisite for running games with heavy visuals. Running high end games without a graphics card is not that easy but many people are trying to do it and working on their computer to achieve it. That’s why in this article we will talk about how to play games without graphics card. There are some secure ROM downloading sites from which we can easily download ROMs. These ROMs help us a lot in running high-end games without a graphics card. Not only that but by downloading ROMs users will be able to play high end games on low end budget PC or laptops.

We can play those games even without a PC or laptop, As smartphones have always been a popular gaming platform, and they have never really been a threat to desktops and consoles until recently.

Now you must be wondering that is it really possible to play graphically intensive games without having a dedicated graphics card. Then let me assure you that yes it is possible. So let’s take a look at how to play games without graphics card.

How to play games without graphics card?

Use 3D Analyze

how to play games without graphics card 1

The 3D Analyze is a powerful application that allows you to play many DirectX-based games using official video hardware. By using this software, we can improve efficiency, and if our PC allows it even with cards with less range. The software also supports both Direct3D and OpenGL, depending on which will benefit our system the most. Now follow the steps mentioned bellow to install and setup 3D Analyzer to play games without graphics card.

  • First, download 3D Analysis
  • Then install and run 3D Analysis
  • Then, as shown below, select your desired option, Thereafter, a window appears in which we must select the.exe file of the game that we want to launch.
  • We can now see a list of the names, vendors, and devices of various graphics cards. Now choose one of those and enter the vendorID and deviceID in the left-hand column.
  • Now simply click on select and have fun.

Use the Swift Shader

how to play games without graphics card 2

Swiftshader’s Modular Technology is capable of assisting with a variety of useful programming interfaces. , for example, DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0, the same APIs that developers are using for existing games and applications. As a result, it can be directly incorporated without any kind of changes to the source code. It is identical to 3D analysis.

  • Firstly, you will have to download the Swift Shader
  • Now you will have to extract the zip file of SwiftShader
  • Once its extracted copy the “d3d9.dll file” from it
  • After that you will have to paste the “d3d9.dll file” in your game directory
  • Now simply double-click the .exe file of your game where you placed the “d3d9.dll file” and play the game

Use Wise Game Booster

how to play games without graphics card 3

The Wise Game Booster is a simple memory free-up application that closes unwanted startup processes and tunes up your network to make your System efficient enough for gaming performance. It’s much like CCleaner, but unlike CCLeaner it doesn’t clear junk files on your system. It’s similar to having a RAM cleanup on your Windows PC.

With the help of Wise Game Booster users can optimize their system with just a single click. As it will optimize your system settings, close all the unnecessary programs, and stopping all the irrelevant services running in the background. Follow the steps mentioned bellow to optimize your system with Wise Game Booster.

  • First download the “Wise Game Booster” on your system
  • After installing the app open it, and on the home page you will see an “Scan for games” option click on that
  • Just under the “My Games” menu is a system optimizer. Before starting any game, you may optimize your games and PC from there.

Although the Wise Game Booster will work at its best with 3D analysis. That’s why we recommend that you should first optimize your RAM with the help of Wide Game Booster and then use the 3D analysis to get the best gaming experience.

Use Racer Cortex: Boost

how to play games without graphics card 4

Razer Cortex: Booster is a program that claims to improve your gaming and PC longevity. It also improves gaming performance by increasing the number of frames per second in your game. When you finish gaming, the software efficiently eliminates unwanted processes and applications and resumes them. This enables to free up crucial resources and RAM that are required by high-intensity games. Follow the steps mentioned bellow to download and install the Racer Cortex: Boost on your system.

  • Firstly download the Racer Cortex: Boost on your system
  • After that you will have to create an account in order to activate it
  • Once your account is created right click on any game that you want to play and click on launch Razer Game Booster

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Use Game Fire

how to play games without graphics card 5

Game Fire can substantially improve your gaming experience by increasing system performance and dependability, hence eliminating in-game lags and increasing game FPS. The Game Fire improves computer speed by turning off unwanted system functionality, performing numerous system modifications, and concentrating computer resources on the games you’re playing. Follow the steps mentioned bellow to use the Game Fire on your system.

  • First you will have to download and install the Game Fire on your system.
  • Now you will have to click on ‘Switch to Gaming mode’
  • After that you will have to select or create your gaming profile, users can set everything as per their choice.

That’s all! You’re all set to go. Play any game now, with improved performance.

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Apart from above mentioned software you can also clean your temporary files on your system. It will help you increase the performance of your system. Although users should keep in mind that cleaning up your temporary files will not directly allow you to play games without a graphics card, but it will enhance the speed of the laptop which is beneficial while playing intensive games on your computer without a dedicated graphics card.

As there are a ton of temporary files available on our PC. These temporary documents include dump files, software crash dumps, and some other temporary files. When we are finished erasing these files, our PC exposure will be greatly expanded. Only deleting temporary files will not do the work but it will surely enhance your computer speed to some extent.

how to play games without graphics card 6

In order to delete all the temporary files you just have to type “Run” in your windows search panel at the bottom left side, now type in “%temp%” and click on “Ok” button. Now a new folder will show all the temporary files available on your system. Select all that files and click on delete option.

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