How to Create a Discord Server

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Discord is a rapidly growing text and voice chat software targeted primarily at gamers. It’s a great alternative to older apps like TeamSpeak and Skype because of its sleek and quick interface. Discord has taken a lot of inspiration from TeamSpeak’s comprehensive customization and management choices, but some of them have been hidden within the interface. Fortunately, getting started is fairly easy.

How Do I Create a Discord Server?

It’s easy to set up a Discord server. To get started, either download Discord (for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android) or go to the Discord website. To get started, you’ll need to build a free user account. But go ahead and finish it first.

You’ll be asked whether you want to build or enter a server when you first open Discord and sign in. You can build a new server by clicking the big plus button in the Discord interface if you already use Discord and have skipped this initial screen.


You’ll see the same screen in any case. To build a new server, click the “Create a Server” button.


Give your server a name, select a different region if yours wasn’t detected correctly, and then press the “Create” button.


Your new server has been created, and you’ve been linked to it automatically. On the left, press the drop-down arrow next to the name of your new server to see options for inviting friends, adjusting server settings, building channels, and more.

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