How to Lock Your Facebook Profile

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile

Facebook offers a variety of privacy settings to its users, including the ability to lock your profile. When a user’s profile is locked, people who are not on the user’s Facebook friends list can only see a portion of the profile. Only friends of the user will see photographs and posts on the timeline, as well as the profile picture and cover photo, stories, and new posts. In addition, their ‘Public’ posts will no longer be public and will only be viewable to friends.

If you want to lock your Facebook profile, you may do so from the mobile app or from your browser. It’s worth noting, though, that the desktop version of Facebook does not offer this feature, but there is a workaround. This functionality is also exclusive to the Android app. Continue reading to learn how to secure your Facebook page.

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile Using a Phone

To use the Android app to lock your Facebook profile, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app and tap on your name to go to your profile.

Step 2: Next to ‘Add to Story,’ tap the three-dot menu icon.

Step 3: You should notice a Lock Profile option here; tap it.

Step 4: The following page will provide you a quick overview of how it works, as well as an option to Lock Your Profile at the bottom, which you should select.

Step 5: If you see a pop-up that says “You Locked Your Profile,” hit OK.

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile from a Web Browser

While there is no direct way to lock your app from the browser, if you don’t have access to the mobile app, there is a workaround:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select your profile icon. Replace ‘www’ with’m’ in the URL so that it now reads’’.

Step 3: On your desktop browser, you will be redirected to a mobile version of Facebook, where you should see a three-dot menu next to the Edit Profile option.

Step 4: You should see the Lock Profile option in the three-dot menu; select it.

Step 5: This page, similar to the Android version, will demonstrate how locking works, with the option to Lock Your Profile at the bottom. Select it by clicking on it.

Your account has been locked.

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To lock their profiles, iOS users can use the desktop workaround or borrow an Android device and follow the methods outlined above.

On both the mobile app and the desktop, the processes to unlock your Facebook profile are the same. You’ll now see an Unlock Profile option instead of the Lock Profile option; press it and then hit Unlock on the next screen. At the bottom of the page, you’ll get a brief explanation of how unlocking your profile works, as well as an option to Unlock Your Profile; select it, and your profile will be unlocked.

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