How to know if you are a part of the Facebook breach?

How to know if you are a part of the Facebook breach?
How to know if you are a part of the Facebook breach?

Heard of the recent Facebook data breach? If not, here is a huge insight from the news. Apparently, 533 million Facebook users personal data from across 106 countries got leaked as of yesterday. The personal data includes phone numbers, birthdates, Facebook ID’s and well, possibly, everything else. 

The concerned Facebook users must now be wondering how to know whether they are a part of this huge data breach or not. According to a few authenticated sites like Gizmodo, there are two places to find out the answer to your bid question. 

One of the well-known sites that are created to find and track data breaches in – Have I Been Pwned. All you have to do is visit the website and add your email address. The results will show you whether you’ve been a part of this recent Facebook breach or not. Along with that, you can also figure out if your data had been compromised in other leaks too. 

Troy Hunt, the creator of Have I Been Pwned, is now considering including phone number searches as well. In a recent tweet, he wrote about contemplating the pros, cons, risks and the value of using phone numbers to find out potential data leaks during a timeline. 

Source: Twitter


On the other hand, Gizmodo has suggested a tool called The News Each Day which checks your phone number against the recent leaked Facebook database. Although this site is not well-known yet, you can try tracking the leaks on Have I Been Pwned.
Source: Twitter

What to do if your data was found to be leaked in the big breach? 

As a user, you can only take some precautionary steps by using a password manager. Some of the good password manager services are provided by:

These are paid services but also create complex and hard-to-hack passwords automatically. Another way to protect yourself from similar scams is by activating two-factor authentication for additional security. 

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