How to Keep Your Mac from Overheating

Macbook overheating

We have noticed a lot of people’s concern saying that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models tend to overheat quickly. But surprisingly, age is not the main reason here. Even the latest of them start heating up whenever you shuffle between resource-hungry apps, place the laptop on your laps or leave dozens of tabs open while browsing.

Why is my MacBook overheating?

See, we can’t pinpoint the exact thing which is causing the problem as we’re not one of Apple employees, still, we can suggest you work through all troubleshooting suggestions in the following quick ways to stop your Mac overheating. One of these might actually serve as the solution you need.

Close needless browser tabs

This is one of the main reasons why your Mac is overheating. Whenever you do some thorough online research with dozens of tabs open, some of them may significantly slow down your Mac and make the fans work vigorously as it tries to avoid heating up. That is why you should always keep the number of tabs open as minimum as possible.

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Also, a lot of people prefer using browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. Little do they know is that these browsers tend to consume way more system resources than Safari. As Safari is baked in your Mac, it is more resource-friendly. Safari also has its own incognito mode. So, other browsers shouldn’t even be considered an option.

Manage your graphics settings

Few of the MacBook Pros have two graphics cards- a less powerful one and a more powerful one. It is obvious that the more powerful one will take more resources and in turn, cause battery draining and overheating.

In order to prevent that, Apple has implemented a selection to switch between graphics cards. With only a few steps you can set up this automatic graphics switching.

| Go to System Preferences

| Select Battery

| enable Automatic graphics switching from the Battery section

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Keep your MacBook updated

You may be wondering how keeping your MacBook updated related to it overheating? Well, updating your Mac to the latest version of macOS secures software bugs and helps apps run systematically and efficiently. Here’s how you can update your macOS:

| Open System Preferences

| Reach to the Software Updates page

| Check if any updates are available or not

| Click Update Now

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Avoid low-quality Mac chargers

Up next cause of overheating is dummy chargers. We would highly advise y’all to stick to the original charger that comes with your MacBook. If the original one does not work, then buy another ORIGINAL one. Make sure to always get it from an authorized Apple store. The main cause may possibly lie here only.

Never block the air vents

No matter how comfortable you feel, but keeping your Mac on your lap or in bed is a big NO-NO! When you do this, you unknowingly cover the vents and stop the fans from cooling down the processor. So, the next time you use your device, keep it on a hard, flat surface, giving your Mac plenty of room to breathe.

Other small things to take care of:

| Do not place anything on your keyboard when the laptop is working in the closed-lid mode. It may unknowingly cause the computer to repeatedly turn on and off.

| Always shut down your Mac at night to let it have some rest too. If you are working intermittently during the day, make sure to keep it in standby mode when not in use. Doing this way will reduce heat output and will save power.

| Make sure to clean your vents regularly. The possibility of dust accumulating and prevent them from working efficiently is high.

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