How to Increase Internet Speed? Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for ways to increase your wifi speed then here is your complete guide on how to increase internet speed.
How to Increase Internet Speed

Slow wifi can disrupt Zoom meetings, create havoc online, and force you to halt your video feed as it buffers. In this article, we will talk about how to increase internet speed. Today our world relies upon the Internet, and these minor annoyances quickly build up to frustrating roadblocks to work, education, and life in general.

Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with poor internet speeds anymore, especially now that there are many tips and tactics for improving your wifi performance online. Try these suggestions before reaching for your phone to improve your service. So now, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with how to increase internet speed.

How to increase internet download speed?

How to Increase Internet Speed 1

Many factors might contribute to slow download speeds, and pinpointing the source of your slow connection can be difficult at times. While some fixes are straightforward, such as checking your internet speed or restarting your computer, others are more complicated. That’s why in this article we have listed some tips and tricks which will help you increase your download speed. Below we have listed some tips and tricks which will help you to learn more about how to increase internet download speed and how to increase internet speed in general.

How to increase internet speed?

Reboot the Router

How to Increase Internet Speed 2

This is one of the best and oldest technique about how to increases internet speed. Usually, when any digital device doesn’t work correctly, we reboot it. It is an age-old technique that we have all been using for a long time. However, many people think that rebooting your router regularly is suitable for internet speed. But that is a myth. According to Sandeep Harpalani, vice president of product management at Netgear, we often don’t recommend rebooting routers unless you’re having problems with connectivity or slowdowns due to radio frequency interference.

He further stated that, If you’re still utilizing 2.4-GHz wifi and are experiencing speed issues, rebooting your router may assist. It forces the router to choose the best channel with minor interference at boot-up. It will automatically switch to the best track with the least amount of interference if you’ve upgraded to 5 GHz.

Examine Your Computer

How to Increase Internet Speed 3

If your PC or laptop’s internet connection is always slow yet all of your other devices work perfectly, you should first examine your computer. See what programs are operating in the background by opening Task Manager or Activity Monitor. Specific programs may be programmed to auto-update when they are not required. Your slow Internet could be caused by them constantly updating in the background. So look out for such programs and change their settings accordingly.

Disconnect unnecessary devices

How to Increase Internet Speed 4

Having dozens of devices connected to wifi simultaneously can also reduce your internet speed. Connect whatever you can to Ethernet, then unhook everything you don’t need. Make sure that only the objects that require Internet have access to it. Good routers nowadays have features to prioritize a specific device or service. It’s a convenient technique to ensure that your games are never interrupted by someone else’s Facebook video streaming.

Change to a speedier web browser

How to Increase Internet Speed 5

Is your lag caused mainly by using your browser or opening many new tabs? Consider using a more minimalistic browser that loads what is required. Browsers like Brave and Opera are excellent, especially if you’re prepared to fiddle. Google Chrome is also known for being one of the quickest primary browser options if you haven’t tried it yet. However, most tech-savvy users don’t recommend Chrome if you are a power user.

Add a cache management extension to your browser

How to Increase Internet Speed 6

To help reload websites easier, your browser cache keeps copies of website content. As internet users have learned, a cache can slow down your online performance when a cache becomes too big. Manually clearing your cache is inconvenient, so it tends to accumulate over time. We recommend downloading the Clear Cache extension to customize your clearing actions and remove them instantly with a single button on your browser taskbar.

Adjust the antennae on your router

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Internal antennas are found on many routers and wireless gateways, which means they’re located inside the device and can’t be adjusted. If that’s the case, don’t bother with this method. However, if your router has adjustable antennae, try reconfiguring them. Router antennas are typically omnidirectional, meaning they broadcast signals in all directions perpendicular to the antenna. A vertical antenna, for example, transmits wifi signals horizontally and vice versa. Adjusting an antenna to sit horizontally to disperse wifi signals up and down could help if you need to extend your wifi signals to many levels.

Change the wifi frequency band

How to Increase Internet Speed 8

Modern routers generally use the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio frequency bands. At different distances from your router, the band you utilize for your connections can alter the speed and quality of your connections. If you have momentary interference on one of the frequency bands, try switching to the other. It will appear on your device as a distinct wifi network, usually with a label in the network name indicating whether the network is 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

The most widely used wifi connection is the 2.4 GHz band. Because it’s also utilized for various other wireless communications, the airways at this frequency can get a little busy. This band sacrifices speed for range, which means it can travel through walls and other obstacles better than 5 GHz, with faster speeds but a shorter range. The two frequency bands are frequently seen as different wifi networks. Log off the erroneous band and connect to the proper one on each device to reorganize your connections.

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Connecting through Ethernet

How to Increase Internet Speed 9

So far, we’ve assumed you have to rely on wifi connections throughout your home. However, if your PC is close enough to the router, you should consider connecting to the router’s ports through wired Ethernet. Because a cable connection is devoid of many of the difficulties that might cause wifi slowdowns, this is a reasonably solid approach to increasing the internet speeds.

Create a wifi Password

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You probably don’t need us to inform you, but your wifi network requires a password. It helps keep hackers at bay and prevents neighbors from using your bandwidth for Netflix, significantly slowing down your internet speed. Make sure you’re using AES encryption, the safest and fastest security option.

Contact your Internet service provider

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Contact your internet provider if you’ve tried everything and are still having issues. They might choose to dispatch a technician. They might be able to identify a topic preventing you from accessing speedy wifi. Due to the continuing pandemic, you may not want strangers in your home, and your ISP may not have technicians available to send. If none of these suggestions solves your problem, it’s time to contact your provider and ask some questions.

So this was our complete guide on how to how to increase internet download speed and how to increase internet speed in general. Please share your thoughts about the topic in the comments below.

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