How to Get Tokens to Redeem BTS Car Skin (Golden Undaunted) in Free Fire this Week

Free Fire just released a new BTS themed car skin. In this article we will talk about how to get tokens to redeem that BTS themed car skin.
free fire bts car skin

Free Fire is well-known for its diverse partnerships, which include musicians, actors, and filmmakers. The most recent collaboration with the Korean seven-member boy band BTS has launched a number of events and challenges in which gamers may participate. Today, April 4, 2022, a new event entitled “BTS Week Mission” began. During this event, participants will be issued a list of objectives to complete in order to claim “Dreamy Sphere” tokens. These tokens may then be used to purchase additional interesting in-game items.

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free fire bts skin car
Photo Credit: Free Fire News

The following are the missions that players must complete:

  • Play two matches to get one “Dreamy Sphere” token.
  • Kill four enemies to receive one “Dreamy Sphere” token.
  • Play for 10 minutes and receive one “Dreamy Sphere” token.
  • Deal 300 damage and receive one “Dreamy Sphere” token.
The following are the rewards that mobile players may obtain by paying the required quantity of tokens:
  • Golden Undaunted – Sports Car – Twenty “Dreamy Sphere” tokens
  • Diamond Royale Gift Card (expiry date: 31 May 2022) – A total of ten “Dreamy Sphere” tokens
  • Voucher for Weapon Royale (expiry date: 31 May 2022) – A total of ten “Dreamy Sphere” tokens

(Players may accomplish objectives and collect rewards through the BTS Week Mission until April 16th, 2022.)

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How do you earn the tokens and the Golden Undaunted vehicle skin in Free Fire?

  • Players must first launch the battle royale game and then choose the Events icon.
  • Players should navigate to the BTS Week Mission area under the Gen FF page.
  • After completing the objectives, players may head to the Collect Tokens tab and select the Collect option next to the Diamond Royale Voucher (expiry date: 31 May 2022) – Ten “Dreamy Sphere” tokens.
  • Once they have accumulated enough tokens, players may go to the Exchange Tokens menu and obtain the Golden Undaunted vehicle skin.

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