How to Get Rid of Sidebar on YouTube

Focus on a single video by removing the distracting sidebar.
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YouTube is the ocean of knowledge. It’s not just a video sharing platform. In recent years, it has grown as the second largest search engine after Google. While YouTube has become a necessity, it can sometimes put us in a loop where we endlessly watch videos. All this is done using the algorithm, which learns our behaviour, and interests, and puts a similar content in the sidebar that makes us focus less on the video being played. The situation is okay while watching entertaining videos, but it can be a problem when watching informative videos on YouTube as the focus will automatically shift to videos being shown in the sidebar. So, to help you maintain the focus on a single video, here’s our guide on how to get rid of sidebar on YouTube.

Like all the social media platforms, YouTube also wants the user to spend maximum time on its platform. Hence, they have developed a powerful algorithm to trick our minds. That’s why there’s no inbuilt option to turn off the sidebar. But, no worries, there are a bunch of solutions to remove the sidebar on YouTube.

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Here’s how to remove the sidebar on YouTube

Method 1: Using Extension

In case you want to temporarily deactivate the extension, open the all extensions page and deactivate the extension. You can turn it back on from the same page.

If the DF Tube extension is not working on your computer, install the AdGuard AdBlocker chrome extension. Open and open any video. Now, tap on the extension option and click on AdGuard AdBlocker. Select “Block ads on this website” and hover the mouse pointer on the right sidebar. You’ll see a green border around the sidebar area. Now, press the left click button, tap on the Block option, and you are done.

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Method 2: By Modifying URL

Modifying the URL of the YouTube video also does the trick. But, in this method, you’ll have to modify the URL of each video, which can be a problem. Therefore, the extension method is the best way to gid rid of the sidebar on YouTube. Let’s see how the URL method works.

In the URL of a YouTube video, insert “_popup” after watch as shown below in the example.

Original YouTube video URL:

Modified YouTube video URL:

This method opens the YouTube video on a full screen. So, you don’t get to see the sidebar and the comment section.

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