How to Get Rid of Battlegrounds Mobile India Simulation Game Warning

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is currently only available in India as a beta version, with the company yet to release the official version for the general public. The beta version, however, is available to everyone, so those who are interested do not have to wait for a stable release. It’s a rebranded version of the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile with a few new additions.

If you’ve played BGMI, you may have noticed that it constantly reminds players that this isn’t a real game, but rather a “virtual simulation.” Every time you start the game and enter the waiting area, a warning appears. After you enter the game, you will hear a similar audio warning. The audio warning is accompanied by an in-game pop-up that serves as a reminder.

It also reminds players to take frequent breaks and not play for long periods of time. All of this is part of Krafton’s effort to ensure that players spend their time wisely and do not prioritise the game over other activities.

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Steps to Remove ‘Simulation Game’ Warning in Battlegrounds Mobile India 

  • Navigate to the Settings section in Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • You will be taken to the Basics section of the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see an option that says – Spawn Island Broadcast.
  • To remove the audio warnings from Battlegrounds Mobile India, disable this option.

It’s worth noting that while this will remove the in-game audio warning, the pop-ups will still appear when you launch the game. But, at the very least, you’ve gotten rid of that vexing announcement! Simply press the OK button to begin playing the game. 

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