How to get Gloo Wall Skin in Free Fire for Free?

In this article we will talk about methods from which you can get free Gloo wall skin in Free Fire.
how to get 25000 diamonds in Free Fire

Players can easily acquire most of the items in Garena Free Fire by paying with diamonds. In-game items are showcased in the Store, Lucky Royale Section, and special events like collaborations, festival based or seasonal. Due to the less availability of Gloo wall, unlike most of the items in Free Fire, Gloo wall is relatively tough to unlock. In the store Gloo wall skins don’t have a specific in-game section. But some of the methods are worth trying and allow users to claim them for free no matter directly or indirectly. 

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Some of the best methods to claim Gloo walls for free

gloo wall skin on free fire

Redeem codes : Via live streams or on special occasions/events Garena reveals various codes that players can use on its rewards redemption website to redeem many items for free. The redemption codes are the 12 to 14 long codes containing numbers and characters that work for a limited time in specific servers. Via these redeem codes users also get a chance to claim free gloo wall skins.Through redeem codes players don’t only get permanent rewards but also temporary ones. As there are many fake websites players should remember that there are no redeem code generators that provide working codes and should avoid them. 

Top up events : Garena often introduces new gloo wall skins via top-up events. To claim free rewards after purchasing a specific amount of diamond is the sole purpose of Top Up events. With the help of diamonds players can easily buy and claim gloo walls. Buying diamonds costs real money that is why users need to figure out a legitimate way to acquire diamonds at no cost. Websites like Google Opinion Rewards, Easy Rewards, Swagbucks, Poll Pe, Poll Pay, etc., provide gift cards for multiple platforms. Players can claim Google Play balance or Play Store gift cards and use them in Garena Free Fire’s in-game top-up section to purchase the required diamonds. 

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Special AirDrop : Free Fire started offering Gloo wall skin Shield in special airdrop. You can unlock and avail the small, little Gloo wall skin, the one and only available Shield in special airdrop. To unlock the redeem codes follow the steps mentioned below :

  • Download the Google Opinion Reward app.
  • Attend some surveys and you will earn a minimum of 15 rupees.
  • Open Free Fire game on your device.
  • Now click on a special AirDrop. 
  • Now finally click on Make purchases. 
  • To avail the gloo skin walls check your collection. 

Event Crate : There are many Gloo Wall Crates available in Free fire, which players can buy directly from the free fire in-game store. Player can also unveil it by spending a few diamonds on the Crate opening, an example for this is the Bermuda Gloo wall Crate.

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