How to get additional space in your Google storage


In this day and age, Google storage is the modish hard drive for many of us. It has essentially become the place where our prime documents, thoughts, and memories reside. But as we all know, great things never come easy and like all the other hard drives, the space isn’t infinite for this one too.

Google as we all may know gives us 15GB of space to use by default for everything associated with our account, and also it obviously differs for a paid G suit account. The content connected to our accounts includes Gmail, Google Drive, and all the Google photos. Data adds up fast, which is needless to say. Here’s how you can clean your virtual cobwebs and give yourself a abundant space to grow.

Get rid of photos storage

You can get free up tons of storage easily by converting the photos to Google’s “high-quality” selection, which converts photos down to 16MP and videos to 1080p which is unnoticeable to most people. Follow the below steps.

-> Go to the Photos settings page

-> Select the “High quality (free unlimited storage)” option.

-> After making the selection, switch to the “high quality” format option to compress your existing images. If you don’t have any photos to compress, select the “Learn how to keep original files” link for directions to save those photos to your device.

Screenshot 2021 02 18 160026

Adiós Gmail junk

Generally, mails don’t take much of your room, but there’s a chance of old attachments laying in your Gmail account that you just don’t need anymore. Here’s how to get rid of it.

-> Go to the Gmail website.

-> On the search box at the top, type “has:attachment larger:10M”

-> Find the messages with disposable attachments that you don’t want, and Delete them.

-> Go to your Spam Folder, and select the “Delete all spam messages now”.

-> Go to your Trash Folder, and click on the “Empty Trash now”

Erase Drive Debris

Google Drive is one of the most common stations for space-sucking contents, but flushing those won’t take long just follow the below steps.

-> On the very top, it’ll show you the heftiest file. Delete those that you no longer want.

-> Select the ‘Settings’ option on the upper right corner followed by “Manage Apps”.

-> To clear the hidden data, select the gray “Options” box on the right and click on the “Delete hidden app data”.

Screenshot 2021 02 18 155859

-> That’s it! you have been liberated. Treat Yourself.

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