How to Find your Lost Android Phone? Step-By-Step Guide

If you are looking for ways to get the location of your lost android smartphone then you are at the right place. Here is our guide on how to find your lost Android phone.
How to Find your Lost Android Phone

With so much personal information stored on our phones, losing one may be devastating. That’s why in this article we will talk about how to find your lost Android phone. As Android’s version of “Find My Phone” will track your phone without any prior configuration. Here are some instructions for finding that phone and then remotely locking or erasing it. Before we begin with the step-by-step guide on how to find your lost Android phone, there is something you should be aware of. The following steps will only work if your phone has the following options activated.

Before you try to complete the instructions, let’s hope no one else found the phone and tampered with the settings or turned it off. The following are the requirements:

Your phone must be switched on and location access enabled. You must also be logged in to your Google account. Apart from that, the Wi-Fi connection should function as well, but the possibilities are minimal. Along with that your Android smartphone should be visible on Google Play.

How to Find your Lost Android Phone?

  • First of all, get your hands on a smartphone or PC.
  • After that open the “” website and log in with your Google account credentials which were used on the lost smartphone.
  • Now it will show you all of your smartphones if in case you have multiple Android smartphones.
  • Select the smartphone which is lost.
How to Find your Lost Android Phone 1
  • Now go to your missing phone’s Google account and sign in. (Keep in mind that if your lost phone has multiple user profiles, sign in using the main profile’s Google Account.)
  • Here the lost device will get a notification and you will get its location information on Google maps.
  • Even if it’s set to quiet or vibrate, you can now play sound at maximum volume for five minutes on your lost device, so the people around it can recognize it. Apart from that, you can also set up a screen lock on your lost device even if you don’t have any kind of lock at the moment.

Note: If your device is switched off then Google will not show its exact location instead it will show you its last known location. Apart from that, you can also erase your Android smartphone completely.

How to find your lost phone with android device manager?

  • Sign in with your Google account on an Android smartphone you have at the moment.
  • Now search for the “Find My Device” on google.
How to Find your Lost Android Phone 2
  • A notification is delivered to the missing phone as soon as the Find My Device web page is opened.
  • After that on the map, you’ll be able to see its approximate location.
How to Find your Lost Android Phone 3
  • Then you will see three options such as Play Sound, Secure Device, and Erase Device on the left side of the screen.
How to Find your Lost Android Phone 4

Note: If your device is turned off, Google will display you its last known location rather than its precise location. Aside from that, you can apply the factory data reset option on your lost smartphone.

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How to find your lost android phone when it’s off?

It is not possible to get the exact location of your lost Android smartphone if it is turned off, however, you are not completely out of luck. As when your phone is offline, turned off, or out of battery, you can use “Find My Device” to view the last place where it was found.

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