How To Extract Texts From An Image without using any software

Extract Texts From An Image?

If you ever had to manually type the information from a printed page into one of Word, Docs, or excel, it can be quite a hell of a pain. Sometimes we receive documents only in hardcopy, and we need to have them electronically. Having to transcribe this information into Word or Excel is really tiring. Instead of retyping the whole thing, wouldn’t it be nice to just snap a picture of it and delegate the work to somewhere? Fortunately, there is! and best of all, it’s free.

Would you like also like to know How to convert scanned handwriting or an image document/PDF/Photo/Image into searchable and editable text? then here’s for y’all. Optical character recognition is a popular technology that is used to convert images to text. Luckily breakthrough technologies like this are freely available to us. Let us jump deep and figure out how it actually works.

For an instance, the above is the image document that is currently not editable or searchable. Let us walk you through and show you how to convert it into a text document.

We will see 2 methods to convert this image to text. Hopefully one of these will definitely do your work.


Using Google Drive and Google Docs.

In the first method, we will use Google Drive and Google Docs. In this method, firstly we have to upload the image file into Google Drive.

document uploaded

Once the file has been uploaded, right-click the file and chose ‘open with Google Docs’.

open with google docs

As soon as you open the Google Docs, you’ll have the original image in front of you, and just below that as you scroll, you will find the editable text content. You are now free to make any changes that are needed.

1st doc
second doc

After making the changes or copying the whole document, you can simply download the modified file with the format of your choice.


Using Microsoft OneNote

Open the image document with M.S Paint.

ms paintt

As soon as the image opens in Paint, select the text area in the picture. Right-click inside the selected area and copy and Paste this inside a New OneNote section.

paste 1

Now, right click the picture on OneNote and select ‘copy text from picture’ option.

copy paste

The copied text can now be pasted and edited as per your wish wherever you wish.

And that is how you can easily extract the text out of any images or photos that you have clicked. Tell us in the comments below if this has made your day any easier or not ; )

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