How to enable ‘disappearing messages’ on Whatsapp?

whatsapp disappearing

After the ‘Delete messages for everyone’ feature, which was an ultimate lifesaver if you had sent the wrong messages to the wrong person, for the second time, Whatsapp became your savior with this latest feature. At the beginning of this month, WhatsApp launched ‘disappearing messages‘ into operation, a feature that unaidedly wipes out your messages at a specific time frame. This feature was accessible to about 2 Billion people this month. Wanna know how it works? just scroll down.

Here are the 4 easy steps to make your life a bit simpler.

Step: 1

First and foremost, ensure that you own the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone i.e, version: for your android device, whereas version: for your ios device. This feature is also available for Linux-based KaiOS devices as well as WhatsApp Web and Desktop platforms. Stay Updated! always.

Step: 2

For the second step, open the chat that you wish to enable the disappearing messages. This feature works on both personal chat as well as group chat.

Step: 3

After you open the chat of the person you want to enable the ‘disappearing messages’ feature, click on the contact information page by just clicking on the top green bar or by selecting the ‘view contact’ option from the three dots on the top right.


Step: 4

After the contact information page is opened, scroll it down till you see the ‘Disappearing messages’ option. The feature will be seen as disabled/off as a default. Just press the option, select continue, pick the ‘On’ selection, and voilà! you have your feature enabled successfully.


Just so you know,

  • You will have to enable the ‘disappearing messages’ feature individually for each chat.
  • The feature will work the same way for the ios devices.
  • You can also enable this feature for group chats.
  • The selection controls all of your messages in the chat once it has been enabled.
  • “This setting won’t affect messages you previously sent or received in the chat”, said WhatsApp on its support page,
  • After the feature has been enabled, your chats, photos, as well as videos will start to vanish after 7 solid days.
  • Although this feature is enabled, it is still possible for both parties to click a screenshot or copy the chats somewhere else before it gets erased.
  • If your auto-download feature is on, you can save the media even after 7 days. Simply turn off the Auto-download in WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage Usage if it bothers you or someone else.
  • The messages would be wiped out after 7 days if you haven’t opened it, however, you can still have a glimpse of it on your notification.
  • the disappearing message will be added in the backup if someone creates a backup before a message disappears.
  • If you want to disable/turn off the feature, just walk yourself on the same road again.

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