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How to Download Reels Video from Instagram to Gallery in Simple Steps

Download Instagram Reels video on your device and enjoy offline viewing for free.

Instagram reels are trending these days, after Tik Tok, people have changed their preference to share 15 second content on Instagram. With tons of filters and effects, people enjoy making reels and uploading them on their Instagram accounts. So today, let’s look into some easy methods and learn how to download Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels videos can be viewed only online, however, we’ve listed a number of ways Instagram Reels videos can be downloaded offline and watched at your own convenience. 

How to save Instagram Reels

The official method to save Reels in the Instagram app is a lot easier than using a third-party application to do it. 

Step 1: Open the Reels video.

Step 2: Tap on the three-dot (⋮) icon, and go to ‘Save’.

Step 3: Go to Instagram home screen > tap on your profile icon > Hamburger Icon > Settings > Account > Saved. 

Step 4: Access the saved Reels here. 

How to download Instagram Reels

Want to know how to download reels video from Instagram to gallery? Follow these easy steps: 

Step 1:  Open the Reels video.

Step 2: Tap on the three-dot (⋮) icon, and go to ‘Copy Link.’

Alternatively, if you want to save the reel from a user’s profile, then go to their profile > tap on Reels tab (next to IGTV) > select the Reel you want to download > open it and tap on the three-dot icon to ‘Copy Link.’

Step 3: Open your browser and search Ingramer.com. Once the page opens, go to ‘Tools’ > select ‘Instagram downloader.’

Step 4: Paste the copied Instagram Reel video link in the search box, and hit ‘Search.’

Step 5: Hit the ‘Download’ button after selecting your video from the search results. You can play it before downloading as well. 

That is how to download reels video from Instagram to gallery! Simple, right? Well, you can access the downloaded video in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device.

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How to download Instagram Reels (Google Chrome extension)

If you want to download Instagram Reels on the desktop via the web tool, here’s how you can use a simple Chrome extension Instagram you can use. 

Step 1: Chrome web store and search Instagram Video Downloader or go to this link here

Step 2: To add the extension to your browser select ‘Add to Chrome’. 

Step 3: Sign in to your Instagram account on your desktop.

Step 4: Instagram’s desktop version doesn’t have a dedicated Reels section, but you can search the user’s profile from where you want to download the video. So go to the user’s profile > tap on the Reels tab (next to IGTV).

Step 5: Click to expand the video. 

Step 6: Tap on the download button next to the ‘Save’ icon. 

Your video will be downloaded for offline viewing on your Windows/ macOS-powered desktop. 

Remember – you can only opt for Instagram Reels video download from a private account if you’re following the person. 

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