How to Deactivate or Delete Your Instagram Account


As we all know that Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in the world right for the past few years now. Back in 2010, when it was first launched was only popular among celebrities, but now as people got technologize, it also became a place for individuals to highlight public issues. Instagram just like Twitter also helps in spreading news and raising the voice, but sometimes it can get toxic as well. That is the reason why deactivating your Instagram account can come in handy.

For deactivation, Instagram provides you with two options- (i) Either you can deactivate your account temporarily, (ii) or you can permanently delete your account permanently including all the photos, likes, comments, and followers. In this article, we’ll teach you how to deactivate and delete your Insta account.

How to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account?

| Firstly, open Instagram on your browser or app and Log into your account through phone, laptop, or tablet.

| From the top-right corner click your profile icon and then pick the ‘Edit Profile’ option.

| Next, scroll down till you see the ‘Temporarily disable my account’ option n the bottom right and select it.

| Now, Instagram will show you another page with a drop-down menu where you will have to select an option from all the given options and then re-enter your password. The drop-down menu will include a lot of possibilities as to why you have considered deleting your account. Either you can pick one of those options or you can pick the something else option if you don’t want to specify.

Screenshot 2021 03 04 225354

| Click the Temporarily Disable Account button to click the Temporarily Disable Account button to achieve the deactivation process.

How to delete your Instagram account permanently?

In case you are too much frustrated with the social media toxicity and want to get rid of it permanently, then follow the below steps.

| Go to the Delete Your Account page

| Like the previous one, this too will show you a drop-down menu where you’ll find quiet options such as Privacy concerns, Too many ads, Created a second account, Concerned about my data, Want to remove something, and a few more.

Screenshot 2021 03 04 225258

| Reenter your password.

| Finally, click on the Permanently delete my account button and your Instagram account has been deleted permanently.

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