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Use of the iPhone notes app is not limited just to listing down your quick thoughts. With the new update now you can draw, scan and sign the document, create a checklist, attach photos, videos, or links to your note now. And we at Oyprice make sure to provide every detail of useful feature in the smartphone of our readers. Among the various feature provided by the apple notes app, the most unsung feature according to us is creating a checklist in notes. This feature can be used in your day-to-day chores like creating a grocery list, a to-do list for work etcetera. Here’s how you can create a checklist with Notes.  

1. Open NOTES, Then select a note or create a new one.

 2. Click on the Check symbol on the left-most corner of the screen.

notes check list 1

3. Create your list, Every time you click a return button on the keypad a new item is added to the list.

4. Now every time you click on the empty circle, the item or work is marked as done.

To create a checklist to the existing list, bring the cursor where you want to create the list and click on the Check symbol on the left-most corner of the screen.

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