How To Con­vert Any Pho­to to PDF on iPhone and iPad

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In today’s time while buying a smartphone the main deciding factor of purchase becomes camera quality offered by the model because we live in a time where sharing pictures to a friend or a professional document to a colleague everything is capture on phone. But we all know that while sharing a picture through WhatsApp or other modes the quality of the photos tends to deteriorate, so the best way to easily share the photos maintaining the quality is by converting them into PDF format. Your iPhone and iPad probably contain loads of pictures in different formats; HEIC photographs taken with the camera, PNGs from screen captures, and JPGs downloaded off the web. Be it in any format you can convert them into PDF without the use of a third-party app on your iPhone and iPad.


1 Open the PHOTOS APP and SELECT the photo or photos you want to convert into PDF.

2 After selecting photos click on the share button on the bottom left corner of the screen.

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3 Now scroll twice and you will able to see the option “PRINT“. Tap that

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4 Now Printer Option will appear on the screen, do a Pinch Out (or Zoom In) gesture on the image. By doing so the image will convert into PDF format automatically.

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5 Click on Share Button, Now you can share the PDF or save it on the mobile by clicking on “Save to Files”. This how the PDF will be named by default while sharing you can rename it by going in the File app.

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