How to Check Indian Bank Balance? Step-By-Step Guide

If you are one of them who are struggling to check your Indian Bank balance, then don’t worry. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to check Indian Bank balance.
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Indian Bank is one of the biggest nationalized banks in India. It is one of the Government undertaking banks. The Indian Bank, with more than 100 million subscribers, possesses over 227 overseas correspondent banks situated in 75 countries. This bank provides its users with rigid and reliable banking services, including SMS banking, applications, website, missed call services, ATMs. Due to its convenience, Indian Bank has been one of the most successfully running Government banks in India.

How to check Indian Bank balance by Toll-free numbers?

The Indian Bank account holders can take the help of a toll-free number to check their bank balance.:

1800 425 00000

This customer care number is active 24/7 on all days.

How to check Indian Bank balance by Using Mobile Banking?

IndOASIS – the Indian Bank mobile banking application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. Indian Bank customers can get accurate information about their bank balance anywhere and whenever they want by using this app.

Now, Indian Bank account holders can make proper use of this app to get direct access to the Indian Bank banking facilities like balance query, fund transfer, etc. We have mentioned some eminent Indian Bank mobile applications that can help the account holders to get a hold of their account details.

  • IndOASIS – Indian Bank Mobile Banking: IndOASIS, this mobile application is easy to download. This app is very beneficial with its balance inquiry, mini statement, fund transfer services, etc.
  • Indian Bank Corporate Merchant – Mobile Banking: This app is designed to be used by the big corporate giants. The corporates and merchants can review their accounts and bank balance using this app.

How to check an Indian Bank balance by Using ATM?

Lastly, there is always another way to check the Indian Bank account balance. The customers can visit their nearest Indian Bank ATMs to go through their account balances. The users can step into the ATM and apply the following points to review their current bank balance:

how to check an indian bank balance by using atm
  • First, visit the nearest ATM and insert your Indian Bank debit card.
  • You have to enter the four-digit Indian Bank ATM PIN that you have set to use.
  • From the given options, choose the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option.
  • The system will immediately display the current Indian Bank account balance.

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