How to change your Snapchat username? Step-By-Step Guide

If you are struggling to change your username on Snapchat. Then don’t worry. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to change your Snapchat username.
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Snapchat is one of the most famous social media apps among the youths nowadays. Snapchat has more than a million users. Snapchat is mostly used for making and sending snaps. Here a Snap can be a photo or a video that can be edited by various filters. If you want to change your username make sure that your app is updated. But users will have to keep in mind that they can only change the username only once a year on Snapchat.

Now if you have made your decision on changing the username on Snapchat but don’t have any idea on how to change it. Then don’t worry as here is our step-by-step guide on how to change your Snapchat username.

How to change your Snapchat username on Android and iOS devices?

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  • Open Snapchat.
  • Open the settings tab on the profile page.
  • To update your display name, go to Name and press on it.
  • Now type in a new Snapchat username and hit the save button.
  • Snapchat will put your display name on your profile right away.

How to change your Snapchat username before 1 Year on Android & iOS devices?

  • To begin, erase your existing Snapchat account.
  • Now re-register.
  • Now type in your date of birth.
  • Enter a new username now.
  • Create a password.
  • Fill up your email address now.
  • Continue by pressing the enter key.
  • The registration process is now complete.

That’s it your new username has been updated.

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