How to Catch Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon GO?

If you are looking for ways to get Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon GO then here is your guide on how to cath the Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon GO.
shiny cherubi

The Shiny Cherubi is the most glossy looking Pokemon in the game at the moment. The Cherubi is a Grass-Type Pokemon that can develop into Cherrim. With the new Sustainability Week coming up, there are numerous ways of getting yourself a sparkling Cherubi in Pokemon GO. That’s why in this article we will talk about how to catch Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO: Shiny Cherubi

shiny cherubi

Shiny rates in Pokémon GO are fundamentally higher than those of the mainline series, since there are less devices accessible that would help with helping the chances of seeing as one. Cherubi can be shiny in Pokemon GO. Starting with the Sustainability Week event in Pokemon GO, Cherubi has debuted as the newest shiny Pokemon. There are, of course, plenty of other shiny Pokemon to catch during the event, but now is the best time to catch yourself a Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon GO.

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How to Catch Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon GO?

Method 1

The primary method for experiencing a shiny Cherubi is through Field Research. Another exploration way is to finish Timed Research. The Timed Research, available for one day during Sustainability Week, will make them walk 5 km. Every 1 km you walk, you’ll get an opportunity to experience a gleaming Cherubi. Besides, in the wake of strolling 5 km, Niantic will establish a tree.

Method 2

With each new event comes new successive produce nature. Cherubi is one of these incessant brings forth, so you can coincidentally find a sparkling Cherubi just by getting Pokemon in nature. You can apply a standard Lure to expand your chances of getting a sparkly Cherubi, or you can get and use the new Mossy Lure Module. You’ll have the option to get a large group of other Pokemon intended for the Mossy Lure Module as well as a Shiny Cherubi.

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Method 3

The last manner by which you can get yourself a shiny Cherubi is by getting a 7 km Egg. The 7 km Eggs during Sustainability Week can procure you Alolan Diglett, Larvitar, Cherubi, or Oranguru. As may be obvious, quite, you can get a gleaming Cherubi through a 7 km Egg.


So that was all the methods to capture the Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon GO. Although apart from Shiny Cherubi there are lots of other new Shiny Pokemons available that you can get your hands on like Lopunny, or Tapu Bulu in the Five-Star Raid.

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