How to Cancel Meesho Order? Complete Guide

Here is your complete guide on How to Cancel Meesho Order. Read along to know more about it.
How to Cancel Meesho Order

You might have faced a situation some time where you ordered a product from the Meesho app and then later when you think about it you don’t have any requirements as such. In this article we will explain How to cancel Meesho order, which is a repeatedly asked question on the internet. People constantly get excited by the diversity of products on online shopping outlets and slam the “buy” button. But you don’t know what is running in the other person’s head. There may be different purposes of the client of what he/she actually needs.

In order to cancel your recent order on Meesho you will have to follow our step-by-step guide on how to cancel Meesho order.

How to Cancel Meesho Order?

Below are some of the steps on How to Cancel Meesho order easily:

How to Cancel Meesho Order 1
  • Download the meesho app on your android or iOS device and run the application.
How to Cancel Meesho Order 2
  • Then on the home screen you will see icons at the bottom of the screen you have to scroll down and click on ORDERS.
  • After that check out the orders section where you have placed the order.
  • Now choose the CANCEL ORDER option on the interface. Instantly the ORDER DETAILS option will pop up where you can track the order and also cancel the product. 
  • After this provide a Valid Reason for the cancellation of the product. Then tap on the ‘Cancel Order‘ option will be unlocked then click on the ‘SELECT REASON‘ option.
  • At the bottom of the slide you will see ‘Product Details‘ is the ‘Select reason for cancellation’. Tap on that button. Several choices will appear on the wall. Select your preferred reason.
  • Further as you move forward you will notice the Explain the Reason (Optional) option. On the reason selection button there is info provided with a message box, in which you can justify and clarify the reason for the cancellation of the order. However, this is optional. So, if you want, you can skip this option.
  • When you have filled in the reason, then tap on the ‘CANCEL PRODUCT’ option on the screen. It occurs at the bottom of the display screen.

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At last with a relief the process of cancelling the order is now finalized, and now your order is canceled. Now, After entering the CANCEL PRODUCT option, the ORDER DETAILS option will pop up. And here you will notice that the ORDER TRACKING, you will notice a CANCELED text has occurred, with a red dot on its left side of the screen. This hereby confirms that your product has been canceled successfully.

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