How to Become a Netflix Beta Tester


Lately, Netflix launched a beta update for Android users through which they can set a time limit or a timer for their Netflix usage or screen time. With this new update, you can now fall asleep watching your favorite Netflix shows and movies without any worries of your battery running out or the auto-playing of consecutive episodes. However, the catch was that this feature was only available to Android beta testers of Netflix.

The Netflix beta test program allows you to access new Netflix features before they’re available to the public. After knowing this if you also wish to become a beta tester for Netflix, then Oyprice is right here to your aid. Through this article, you can become a beta tester through your desktops such as PC, Mac, or Chromebook, or another method that includes the same through your iPhone or Android smartphone. You may choose whatever method suits you the best.

Follow the steps given below in order to become a Netflix beta tester:


  1. Log in to your Netflix account
  2. Hover over the profile icon at the top right corner of the tab and a menu will pop up
  3. Select Account in the pop-up menu
  4. Go over to the settings option in the Account section
  5. Click on ‘Test Participation’
  6. Click on the toggle switch and turn it on


  1. Log in to the Netflix application
  2. Click on the three lines at the bottom right corner saying ‘More’
  3. Select Account from the Menu
  4. Once the browser opens, scroll down to the Settings area
  5. Click on ‘Test Participation’
  6. Click on the toggle switch and turn it on
  7. Click on Done
WhatsApp Image 2021 02 03 at 11.42.19 PM 2

That’s all you need to do to get into the Netflix beta test program. Do keep in mind that these programs may be full at times and hence there are chances you may not be able to enter the program. Do let us know in the comments if you made it to the Test program!

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